Alex Šepkus

Alex Šepkus



Till We Have Faces Bracelet. A series of gold faces are connected to form a bracelet by Jewelry designer Alex Sepkus.
- Till We Have Faces Bracelet by Alex Sepkus -


Alex Šepkus Inc. was founded by Alex Šepkus and his friend and managing partner Jeffrey Fiero in 1992. Since then Alex Šepkus jewelry has been known for its distinct design, signature textures and microscopic details. Collected and coveted around the world, Alex Šepkus jewelry is recognized not only for its original and inimitable design, but also for the creative use of unexpected stones, beautiful shades, and unique color combinations, overseen by the COO Candace Edelman. 

Oval Blue Sapphire Ring and Candy Dome Ring in shades of blue and green
Oval Blue Sapphire Ring & Candy Dome Ring -

Born in Lithuania, Alex graduated with an industrial design degree from the Vilnius Academy of the Arts in 1988. He was granted political asylum in the US and worked in jewelry repair shops that catered to Madison Avenue's couture houses. Jeff and Alex met during this time and founded a business that grew on the strength of its craftsmanship, creativity, and originality. 


Sticks and Stones Pendants by Alex Sepkus in shades of light blue
 - Sticks and Stones Pendants -


Made in NYC, no detail of Alex Šepkus jewelry is compromised. From hand finishing, to setting stones, making clasps, and hammering textures, the master jewelers at the Šepkus studio, all work under microscopes to execute the level of detail expected from these timeless designs. 


Old Pathways Pendant by Alex Sepkus
- Old Pathways Pendant -


Despite Alex's sudden passing in September 2001, his legacy lives on through the dedicated team he inspired and mentored over his 30-year tenure. Today, we benefit from the collective genius Alex left behind along with the work he hadn’t yet released.

Big Sleep Necklace in 18k yellow gold by Alex Sepkus. Faces Necklace
- Big Sleep Necklace -

While no one can replace Alex, his aesthetic DNA runs deep in our jewelers and design staff. Alex Šepkus jewelry remains committed to honoring his legacy by continuing to build upon the foundation he established and remaining true to his approach to the creative process as we create and produce work that is worthy of bearing the Alex Šepkus hallmark


“When I design a piece of jewelry, it is as if I am writing a book each design is a chapter not in words, but in shapes and textures. I make precious stones and cold metal speak."  -Alex Šepkus


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